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A word from our Teachers...

Room 34

Kindy and Pre-primary have begun their learning journey and have been busy exploring and engaging in various classroom tasks and getting to know their new class friends.

Sing and Grow has been a great component to the program this year with our lovely families enjoying interacting with their children each week participating in a variety of songs, movement and an ensemble of musical instrument performances as a group.

Our home corner, wood work bench and block corner has been a real hit with the students dressing up, pretending to do wood work, make food and create roads and buildings out of blocks.

During the coming months our class will be exploring and developing their English and Maths skills, playing and having fun in the process! They will be introduced to a variety of letter sounds, and pre writing activities such as patterns eg. Zigzags, waves, lines. During individual and group maths sessions the focus will be on developing a good sense of numbers, their meaning, operations and the relationship between them. Students will explore measurement through play-based and interactive hands-on activities.

During Speech and Occupational therapy students will be developing and practising language skills and focusing on improving understanding and naming emotions and their body parts such as head, mouth, ears, arms, legs etc. during games and different tasks.

The focus in Health will include Protective Behaviours where students will learn strategies to keep themselves safe. As part of the PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) students will learn emotional awareness and self-regulation skills as well as practicing fundamental movements to develop gross and fine motor skills eg. Throwing or rolling and catching a ball, moving different body parts, threading, using tongs to pick up items.

Our students will integrate and socialise with their peers at Leda Primary School and participate in various activities at lunchtime and recess play, Sporting events, incursions and special occasions such as Easter Parades. 

Pre-primary Students will learn and investigate all about their school family, their own family and other families during History. In Science the students will learn about simple chemical processes such as sorting materials based on textures.

We look forward to this year being an adventurous and fun one with our students having many opportunities to shine brightly with their unique potential and abilities.

Mrs Julie Pearson - Classroom Teacher



Room 26

The students and staff have settled nicely into the 2019 school year. This term our classroom theme is ‘the zoo’ where we have been learning about different animals, their habitats and creating wonderful pieces of artwork inspired by various animals.

In room 26 one of our focuses will be reading and writing our names using the correct upper and lowercase letters.  The students will be participating in a range of fine motor activities during our occupational therapy sessions which help develop their pencil grip and other important fine motor skills.
During our science lessons in semester one we will be focusing on chemical sciences. The students will be educated about various chemical changes that can occur in our lives and the language used when learning about this topic. Room 26 has thoroughly enjoyed participating in the experiments we have conducted so far and have shown a keen interest in this topic.

We are excited to begin our community access program in term 2 where we will be traveling to the Kwinana Adventure Park/ Kwinana Marketplace, Rockingham Shopping Centre and Gateways Shopping Centre to on both trains and busses. We will be practicing how to catch these modes of transport correctly, learning about road safety and using shopping lists and money to buy the correct ingredients for cooking.

We have a busy and fun year ahead and I can’t wait so see how much the students can learn thought the year.

 Miss Nicole Lazzaro 


ROOM 33 

Room 33 is made up of year two students.  This year we have six students and our focus is not only academic success, but instilling social, emotional and independent skills.

In Literacy we are targeting phonetic knowledge, blending and reading skills, using both the Diana Rigg and Fitzroy Reader programs.  Our targets for each student is individualised and caters for their specific needs and current abilities.

Numeracy for this year has an emphasis on number recognition and ordering, subitising or grouping, simple addition and subtraction using concrete materials. 

We are teaching students social skills such as communication, manners and appropriate ways to deal with emotions in both public and private settings.  This includes our Protective Behaviours program which educates our students on how to keep themselves safe, who they can talk to about worries they may have and/or other personal matters.

Through our swimming and community access programs, we teach students how to use public transport safely, appropriate communication in varying environments and general life skills such as emotional responses and manners.

As each of our students require different therapies, we provide both in school Occupational and Speech therapies, as well as outside agencies attending during school hours, for one to one sessions with students, as approved through individual NDIS plans.

Communication with parents is something very important not only within our class, but throughout the whole centre.  In light of this we utilise both communication books and the Class Dojo program to keep parents up to date with how their child is doing in class. 

Class Dojo and 1-2-3 Magic are the behavioural programs we use in our class to help students learn to self-regulate, motivate and manage challenging behaviours.  Our centre is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school, which means that we strive to create a safe and positive learning environment which in turn leads to both improved academic and behavioural outcomes as well as higher student engagement.

Ms Vanessa Katnich - Classroom Teacher



Room 32

Room 32 has settled well into the new year, adapting to the new class members and staff. Our classroom theme for the semester is ‘Under the Sea’, which we have been integrating into our art lessons.

We have implemented our morning routine to assist with the improvement of the students spelling and reading skills. We are using Magic 100+ words daily to improve the students spelling and sight words. Along with one to one guided reading to develop their reading skills.

Throughout our station rotations the students focus on English, Mathematics, Speech and Occupational Therapy. During this time the students have one to one lesson’s based on each student’s IEP goals and personal needs.

In English we are focusing on word blends, specifically in our CVC and CCVC words and our sentence structure, including the use of punctuation. Whilst in Mathematics we are expanding the students’ knowledge and understanding of ‘time’ and ‘money’, which will be further developed in Community Access in Term 2.

We have been enjoying our science lessons as the students learn about solids and liquids and how heat can change the state of a solid object. The students are participating in a variety of experiments and cooking activities.

Room 32 has just finished two weeks of Interm swimming, which the students enjoyed. We will be continuing our weekly swimming lesson, which enables the students to develop their swimming skills and also reinforce their transport training skills.

We are looking forward to a very productive year.

Miss Anna Clay—Classroom Teacher


Room 31

The students in room 31 have settled into 2019 well, adapting to the new class members and staff. Our classroom theme for semester 1 is nature and its beauty which is being integrated into our art lessons.  

We continue to teach appropriate social skills such as engaging in conversation, personal space, manners and how to respond to and deal with their emotions. Students are explicitly taught to recognise how they are feeling using the Zones of Regulation and participate in a Protective Behaviours program with an emphasis on keeping themselves safe. 

We will be focusing on improving reading and speaking skills through the use of sight words and MAGIC 100+ words. Number recognition and matching numbers to objects through counting is ongoing. Throughout the year the students will be participating in weekly cooking lessons, learning to follow a recipe and developing fine motor skills through mixing, measuring and pouring ingredients.  

Our Community Access program commences in Term 2 and we will be utilising public transport to and from the Kwinana Marketplace regularly. We will practice appropriate public behaviours, encourage the children to swipe on and off using their Smartriders, practice road safety, refer to shopping lists, use money and find out where they can locate items in the store. These are all fundamental life skills that can never be taught too early.

Miss Karlee Munro - Classroom Teacher



Room 28

We have settled very quickly into the 2019 school year with our class theme of ‘Australian Aboriginal Culture’. Throughout this semester we will be discussing the cultural differences of Aboriginals through the exploration of their symbols, art and dreamtime stories. We even have our own ‘Koornt or Mia Mia’ (temporary shelter) in our reading corner.  

In Room 28 we will be focusing on improving our reading and writing skills through the daily use of MAGIC 100+ words and handwriting. We will become more confident in our writing ability through our understanding of complex sentences and blending/segmenting complex words. We will also be increasing our use of adjectives and verbs when writing.  In maths we will be exploring expanding our number knowledge, subtraction and the strategies we can use to support our understanding of these complex operations.

We are excited to begin our integration program with many of our students attending choir and physical education lessons/senior sport with mainstream classes. We will be continuing with our weekly swimming lessons and becoming more confident in more complex skills such as freestyle and breast stroke.

Our community access program will commence in Term 2 with a focus on Aboriginal Culture but in the meantime we will be using our travel time to and from the pool to reinforce our transport training skills e.g. road safety, tagging on and off the bus and reading the bus timetable.

Miss Ruby Brazewell



Room 29

In the Senior’s class, we endeavour to challenge and foster the individual talents of each child to help them fulfil their potential. Mrs Cox and I provide a positive and caring learning environment to inspire all our students to thrive.

Learning in our class focuses on strong literacy and numeracy skills. Opportunities include STEM (Science, Technology and Mathematics), Humanities and Social Sciences, Protective Behaviours and the Arts.  We also provide an integrated Science, Physical Education and Senior Sport program with Leda Primary School.

This term, our students have enjoyed participating in weekly swimming lessons and rehearsals with the Schools Alive Choir.  Our class is looking forward to the annual Beach Carnival which will be held at Rockingham Beach.  The Carnival enables our students to enjoy a day of fun filled activities and positive social interactions with students from local Education Support Centres.

Mrs Elizabeth Morrison and Mrs Belinda Cox