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Principal’s Note

Principal’s Note

I would like to extend many thanks to staff, students, parents and members of the Board for their commitment to ensuring that Leda Education Support Centre remains a school of choice for students with disabilities. With our highly trained and dedicated staff providing quality learning programs we succeed in achieving a range of positive outcomes for our students.

Our small classes and high staff to student ratio's ensure that we are able to focus in on individual needs. We take every opportunity to work in collaboration with external agencies who regularly deliver therapy programs on the school site. Therapy programs are also delivered by staff and therapy goals included in Individual Education Plans (IEP's).

In addition to our focus on basic academic skills acquisition, we implement a range of community access opportunities to ensure that our students are given the skills necessary to enable them to access and participate fully in all community based activities. We also support students engage in a range of independent living skills that others may take for granted.

I encourage parents and caregivers to participate in IEP meetings to ensure that the priorities they deem important are included and covered in their child's learning program. Parents are also encouraged to complete feedback surveys, attend meetings to discuss their child's progress and join other parents for a variety of engagement activities. Community engagement opportunities provide a link between home and school, help parents and children develop networks and friendships outside of school and give us an opportunity to keep parents informed about what's happening at school.

We participated in our first Independent Public School review in 2017. If you would like to view how our school fared in this process please follow the link below to read this report.

Leda Education Support Centre Review Findings

Leda Education Support Centre's 2019 Annual Report

Leda Education Support Centre shares a school site with Leda Primary School