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Regular attendance at school is fundamental to your child's learning.  Consistent attendance and participation is essential for your child's social and academic learning.

It is important to assist your child's achievement and learning by making regular school attendance a priority in your child's life.

The Department of Education's Student Attendance policy requires parents/guardians to provide an acceptable explanation to the school principal for any absence of their children.

All school staff are vital in supporting regular student attendance and take responsibility for:

  • the accurate recording and rigorous monitoring of the attendance of all students;
  • identifying students with attendance issues; and
  • implementing appropriate strategies to restore regular attendance.

If a student is absent, a responsible person, usually the parent, must notify the school of the reason for the student's ansence as soon as practical. If a student is prevented from attending school due to illness, the principal is authorised by the School Education Act 1999 to request a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.

Lesson attendance codes are used by all Western Australian public schools to record the reason for every half-day absence. The use of these codes is determined by the principal. Accurate record-keeping ensures principals can identify patterns of absence at both a school and individual student level and implement appropriate measures to restore attendance where there is cause for concern.

Absences are grouped as either 'authorised' or 'unauthorised' according to whether they meet the requirements of excusing a student from attendance pursuant to Section 25 of the School Education Act 1999. The total half-day absences are displayed on your child's school report each semester.