Every child, every opportunity

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Our belief is that students learn best when -

  • They are physically, socially and emotionally healthy.
  • They are in a safe, secure, nuturing environment with supportive boundries.
  • They are in a positive, relevant, stimulating environment
  • They are provided with the opportunity to interact and access the broader community environment
  • They attend school regularly
  • Teachers, parents and community member work together to benefit the child
  • The teaching program reflects the individual’s learning style and curriculum

Our beliefs about teaching and learning -

  • Students learn in different ways and their learning programs reflect this.
  • Teaching needs to foster students taking responsibility for their own learning and setting challenging yet realistic goals for improvement.
  • Effective pedagogy is purposeful, challenging and connected to a student’s experience, stage of development and background.
  • Learning programs need to acknowledge and build on where students are at with their learning. They need to be culturally and developmentally appropriate and have real life application.
  • The mental, physical health and well being of students and staff is a priority.
  • Learning occurs wher student, home and school have a common goal, interact positively and are mutually supportive.