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Early Intervention

Early Intervention

Our Intensive Early Intervention Program provides:

  • Intensive intervention for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students with Autism or Global Development Delay.
  • A high ratio of qualified and experienced staff to students.
  • An Individual Education Program (IEP) developed in conjunction with parents for each student.
  • Collaborative processes with therapy based personnel.
  • Access to integration opportunities with mainstream peers.
  • Support with transition to Year 1.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is an intensive, highly structured teaching program where skills are taught sequentially in a clear and consistent manner.

The program includes:

  • Discrete Trials Training (DTT) - One to one teaching situations in which the program is individualised  for each student.
  • Independent work - Students complete known tasks without assistance for increased periods of time.
  • Structured play - Development of a repertoire of skills to enable students to play with their peers.
  • Visual cues - Support learning and make connections
  • Social Stories - A tool for teaching social skills to children with Autism and related disabilities.

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